Toolkit for Citizens

Immediate Checklist:

  • Don’t sign anything (expect pressure and intimidation tactics from industry), before consulting with an attorney.
  • If possible, take water (if there are water wells in your community) and air samples to establish a pre-fracking baseline.
  • Connect with other citizens in your threatened or affected community. Organize a community meeting to discuss issues, threats, steps to take, gather contact info and volunteers, etc. Use a door-to-door brochure or flyer, social media, word of mouth, etc. Get organized! Contact like-minded organizations in your area for assistance and advice.             
  • Distribute informational flyers, brochures, etc, at your community gathering, door-to-door, or however.
  • Show this Downloadable Slideshow at your community gathering.
  • Contact us for further assistance.
  • Use the information below.

Landowner’s Guides & Toolkits

Colorado government links:

COGCC (Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission):

1) Get the pending permit Document # from the COGCC site using the “Look up…" link above. 

2) Add that # to the end of this link and go to site:   (Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer required, with Microsoft Silverlight utility)

3) Wait for the COGCC site to auto-log you in and take you to the permit page (about 5 seconds). 

4) Click on the lower “Comment” on the right side, and then “New Comment” on next page. 

5) After commenting, hit “Save”. 

NOTE: It may be more important to comment on 2a applications (Location Assessment Permit apps) than Form 2’s (individual well drilling permits), we’ve been told, so be sure to look 2a's up first on the COGCC look-up permit site. Make specific comments about access, well water, historic properties, proximity to homes/schools, legal right of ways, etc., and not just that you don’t want it.

Connect with local fracking activist groups in your area and around the country:

Lawyers who work with oil/gas/fracking issues:

Disclaimer: We make no assurances as to the performance of any of the individuals or firms listed below. We are merely passing along the names of a few individuals or firms who have indicated they work in this field. We further are not offering legal advice or advising site visitors on whether or not to seek legal advice, or from whom. It is recommend you ask perspective lawyers whether they or their firm also represent oil/gas companies, as that may create conflicts of interest.

By utilizing the information below or elsewhere on this page, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of the above conditions. 

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