Does fracking really create huge numbers of permanent, sustainable jobs?

No. Fracking impacts many occupations, but far fewer jobs than claimed by the industry are directly tied to fracking, many being barely connected, and many whose connection is tenuous, if not outright imaginary. 

What’s more, many fracking jobs are transitory, with non-local or out-of-state workers moving from site to site, bringing social issues, crime, noise, pollution, and infrastructure strains and costs to small towns and communities. 

Dependency on fracking creates boom and bust economic cycles and delays investment and job creation in more sustainable, green energy sectors, jobs which are estimated to far outnumber fracking-related jobs and provide far more economic and .

As proof of the boom and bust nature of fracking jobs, after all the past, inflated fracking job claims in PA, as of late 2014 PA was rated dead last, 50/50, in new job creation. 

(Sources: Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor & Industry / Midwest Energy News, 2013)

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