1. Contact your state senator and state representative at: Ask them to put the lives and well being of citizens and communities above the profits of frackers.
  2. Write letters to the editor of major newspapers alerting readership about the dangers of fracking and responding to the fracking industry’s misinformation campaign.
  3. Research what’s going on in your own community regarding fracking now and planned for the future. 
  4. Join local and community citizen groups fighting to protect health and property from fracking.
  5. Support initiatives on local control and increased set-backs between fracking operations and homes/schools.
  6. Test your home and your community’s water and air for toxic fracking contamination.
  7. Discover how Colorado and every other state can become completely fossil-fuel free by 2050. - Stanford University blueprint.
  8. Support and use more renewable energy. Reduce your fossil fuel use.
  9. Join groups like the Sierra Club and get active:  /
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